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Updated: Dec 20, 2019

I've been photographing since 2002 and working as a full-time landscape photographer since 2015. I am lucky to work as a photographer who have traveled around the world and shot some interested projects. But the latest project I did in collaboration with Fujifilm was a very special one. I've been ambassador for Fujifilm since 2012 and almost every year I get some new cameras and lenses from the company to try and give feedback. It's quite common that they ask me to shoot a project with the gear. Last year at the and of April 2019 I got a dream project to shoot. Fujifilm was about to launch their latest medium format camera GFX 100 and they asked me to put the camera on test. Since I have been shooting various projects for Fujifilm for the last 7 years I wanted to shoot in a different manner than what I usually do. That would give me the opportunity to challenge myself too. But it's hard to find a new area to shoot as a landscape photographer since I have no interest in shooting the urban landscape.  

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